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In a state of existential crisis over the death of my father and the concurrent loss of my faith in God, I was surprised to discover that my melancholy was revealing itself in the tone and subject matter of my imagery.

A psychological self-portrait began to emerge in my work, like the latent image on light-sensitive paper in a traditional darkroom.

The remnants of a lifetime of religious brainwashing - self-righteousness, social segregation and sexual repression - manifested themselves in my compositions as a reflection of my subconscious struggle. Isolation, darkness and death became recurring themes as I began to interpret the outside world as Godless, unjust and unpredictable.

A child under the observation of a psychologist might be asked to draw a picture of his feelings in order to elicit a diagnosis. Likewise, the photos I was taking in the patriarchal post mortem had begun to reveal my own psychoses.
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