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From the farmlands of California to the greenhouses of Florida, three quarters of a billion pounds of pesticides are prepared and administered under outdated safety regulations that do not meet the standards of other industries or reflect the unique circumstances of America's three million farmworkers - most of them poor, Latin immigrants who do not speak or read English and face serious repercussions for reporting abuse.

UPDATE: Thanks in part to this portrait campaign for Earthjustice, the Environmental Protection Agency added new provisions to protect farmworkers and pesticide applicators from harmful exposure! They include a minimum age (18) for pesticide handlers, improved safety training, new rules on decontamination and personal protective equipment, and improved information available to workers about pesticides applied in their workplace.

Giev Kashkooli, vice president for United Farm Workers, said “today we can say that most of the same rules that have protected other American workers from dangerous cancer- and birth-defect causing pesticides are finally going to protect farmworkers under the new EPA regulations.”
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